In SpanishZoom we offer a wide range of global services in Spanish to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Additionally to our Spanish classes as a second language, we provide to all that might need it, a large scope of services orientated to learn Spanish in different areas.

Sevices for foreign students

Spain is a country that welcomes millions of tourists, students and expatriates every year. We know that our language and culture captivates people and every time there are more foreigners that choose our cities and retreats to start a new adventure or settle down. For that reason, it is an ideal destination to feel at home while learning abroad.

Knowing the high demand that exists for in-person learning in different parts of Spain, in SpanishZoom we put in place two services specially designed for students. Both, language courses in Spain and internships in Spanish organizations will help students to develop their language skills more naturally and quicker as they are permanently in contact with the language. Language immersion is the best way to absorb new knowledge that encourages optimum social relationships for the student.

Professional services in Spanish

In addition, our translation and interpreting services, along with proofreading and text editing meet a range of growing needs in the working environment. We are aware that organizations and foreign professionals need to generate different type of texts and documentation in Spanish for their clients. Moreover, students might often have the need to write their CV or a cover letter amid other documents.

Finally, we have a human resources service of Spanish teachers with which we provide solutions to the needs of educational institutions from all over the world as well as providing to interested teachers the opportunity to teach Spanish abroad.