Translation and interpreting



Service description

Our team of professional translators and interpreters translate from and into Spanish including different areas of specialization.


Text translations from other languages into Spanish and vice versa is a growing demand both in Europe and the rest of the world. All kind of institutions and public and private organizations need to meet this necessity daily.
Some of the cases in which we can offer our services in translating and interpreting are:

Technical translation: The correct translation of documents and technical manuals brings seriousness to the company that presents such documents to a particular audience. Our team of translators work thoroughly and professionally, being perfectly fluent in both languages. We have experience in translating medical texts, business texts, product descriptions, scientific publications, etc.

Literary translation: In the translation of documents of any kind of literary genre, it is essential to know and have a good command of the rhetorical devices of both languages so that a reliable translation from the original is rendered. The translator literary accuracy is basic so that the text is loyal to the original.

Legal translation: This kind of translation related to the legal sector, whether criminal, administrative, civil, business law…requires a translator with knowledge of legal language to carry it out, thus guaranteeing a reliable translation. We have specialized translators from the legal sector that care for the correct translation of any document with such characteristics.

Translation of websites: The translation of a website cannot be done like any other text. It is important to follow the suggestions made by W3C so that factors like web positioning are not affected. Our translations are accurate and we translate from the HTML code of the website.


Simultaneous interpreting: This kind of interpretation is done in real time, that is, at the same time as the speaker talks, so that the message is correctly rendered and the conversation between interlocutors works swiftly. This option involves the use of headphones and microphone.

Consecutive interpreting: Consecutive interpreting is done once the speaker has finished their speech. The interpreter has a few minutes to render the translation. The interpreter has to be fluent in the topic, so that their speech is consistent with the speaker’s speech.

Liaison interpreting: Liaison interpreting is a very effective option for small groups of people. The interpreter liaises between the participants of a meeting with different languages and renders the conversations of all of them, thus removing barriers.

If you need an efficient and professional translating or interpreting service, get in touch with us and we will offer you our best solution.