Language stays in Spain



Service description

Language stays are the best option for a total immersion in Spanish. Allows the student to enjoy a rewarding experience in the Spanish city they choose while learning and improving the language and absorbing the culture and traditions

In SpanishZoom we have carried out a strict selection of Spanish education centres with whom we work. These centres are all well recognised offering unforgettable experiences to international students as well as different quality certificates on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. Moreover, all of them offer a complete schedule of activities, visits, shows and excursions that will make your stay in Spain become an unforgettable memory.

We offer several accommodation options for the student to choose from: staying with local families, rooms in a flat shared with other students, individual apartments, residencies and hotels.

Likewise, we will assess you according to your preferences and objectives in order to create a completely personalised stay, perfect for you, assisting you with all paper work and accompanying you throughout the whole process to meet all your expectations.