Internship programs in Spain



Service description

We organize internships for international students in companies and public institutions from several areas based in Spain. We prepare different formats of professional experiences depending on your personal interest and the profile of the potential students. We offer a different view of the areas of excellence and the working philosophy in Spain.

Our programmes are developed in the scientific sector (Biology students, Chemistry, Medicine, Physics, Technology, Mathematics), in the social sector (students interested in volunteering, education) and in the tourism and hospitality sector.
We offer stays in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.

From an educational and professional perspective, a lot of opportunities are offered thanks to the professional internships. The main objective, as far as the learning of Spanish is concerned, is that the student faces unique situations in new contexts so that they adapt to the language and Spanish culture in a much quicker way.

Our constant and excellent relations with the private sector and different educational institutions, as well as universities and research centres, make us a point of reference in managing professional internships.