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clases español con fines especificaciones


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Course Description

The high mobility of people, growth in international markets and globalization have brought about the need to learn other languages for specific purposes.
Instituto Cervantes provides the following definition for teaching Spanish with specific purposes: “teaching Spanish for specific purposes focuses on teaching and learning processes that help fluency in a specialized communication, that is, the language used by professionals working in a particular labour context or experts who work in a particular academic discipline. Spanish for Specific Purposes (EFE) is the set of Spanish vocabulary used in each of these areas; according to the professional or academic field studied, it is distinguished, for example, between business Spanish, Spanish for tourism, legal Spanish, Spanish for international relations or Spanish medicine, among others”

Our Spanish classes for specific purposes are focused on improving a specific ability, requested by the student, within a specialized context whether professional or educational.
Regarding the academic field, the demand in this kind of teaching has increased largely due to the interest of foreign students to study in Spain with an Erasmus or Socrates scholarship.

In SpanishZoom we are aware of the degree of specializations that teaching EFE requires and that the dynamics used in Spanish general teaching are not the most adequate; that is why we have the best professionals. Although writing is more relevant than oral in EFE teaching classes, our methodology is based on learning vocabulary and expressions working with real scenarios within the different academic and professional fields considered.

Adapting to the specific needs of each student

In SpanishZoom we know that this kind of teaching has to adapt fully to the needs of each student or group of students. A preliminary analysis of the needs of the students will help us to provide a specific programme in each case. Our final objective is that the students improve their communication skills needed to succeed in a professional or academic environment.


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