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Course description

Our offer for children is very dynamic and creative. We deliver an effective, playful and cultural environment where children use different resources like games, songs and handicrafts to learn the language. Studying a language from an early stage helps children to reassure their capacities and acquire knowledge in a more effective way. In SpanishZoom, we encourage all parents to sign up their little ones for our courses so that they enjoy learning a new language and culture full of surprises for them.

Methodology of teaching Spanish for children

The way a child learns a language is very different from that of an adult. For this reason, at SpanishZoom we work in a different methodology focused on indirect learning. Through games and with the activities of our virtual classroom we try to progressively stimulate children’s oral comprehension and vocabulary.
Playing is what encourages children to learn as they do it subconsciously. The teacher will lead the activities, guiding and fostering the child’s creativity in a playful and interactive way.

As the children grow older, we use other learning techniques, orientated towards the introduction of grammar through easy questions and answers. At this stage, we will also start introducing cultural elements relating to the Spanish language.

Objectives of teaching Spanish for children

  • Establish a first interesting contact with the Spanish language
  • Be able to understand and express simple messages
  • Learn and increase vocabulary through games
  • Involve their daily experiences with the learning of the new language

Methodology of teaching Spanish for teenagers

The way a teenager learns a language is different from a child; teenagers are fully conscious in their learning process. Our methodology is adapted to teenagers’ interests. Thus, to draw teenagers’ attention fully, we will generate debates in which teenagers are interested. Students should be able to face real situations where they should cope successfully both in oral and written contexts.

Objectives of teaching Spanish for teenagers

  • Make their interaction in Spanish easier at a social and family level
  • Get to know the unique and different aspects of Spanish culture
  • Be able to carry out a conversation in their day to day situations
  • Help foreign teenagers students who are studying with Spanish programs at secondary or university level, like O Level / A Level / GCSE / IGCSE / IB (International Baccalaureate) to prepare for their exams

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

  • Getting Ready for Technology

  • Using Technology to Facilitate Virtual Activities

  • Conclusion

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