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Course Description

Course description

If you live in Barcelona and you are looking for face-to-face lessons, we can offer this service at your home and also at your company.

In SpanishZoom, we specialize in online classes as we are able to meet our students’ learning needs wherever and whenever they want. Nonetheless, for those companies based in Barcelona or students living in Barcelona, we also provide our experience and teaching staff to teach face-to-face courses.

We know that in Barcelona there are a lot of companies with a large number of foreign employees. We believe that learning Spanish will be of great help for these employees, not just from a working point of view, but also from a social and cultural point of view.

Our face-to-face courses are tailor-made, so they adapt perfectly to each student’s needs, objectives and learning pace.

Individual and group courses in Barcelona

We provide one-to-one or group classes for a small number of students with a very similar level of Spanish.

We know there are people that need to learn Spanish for a certain purpose; for that reason we provide our face-to-face teaching service individually for those who want a tailor-made teaching program.

For the group classes, we organize the class based on the specific objectives established previously by the group (official exams, conversation course, business Spanish, etc.) Groups are always small in order to guarantee the correct follow-up and participation of the students in class.


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

  • Getting Ready for Technology

  • Using Technology to Facilitate Virtual Activities

  • Conclusion

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