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Course Description

Course Description

Our business Spanish course is aimed at all professionals who need to learn Spanish due to working reasons, whether in the field of trade or business. If you work in Spain or for a Spanish company based abroad, or your company wants to trade with a Spanish speaking country, fluency in Spanish will be essential to advance professionally.

Objectives of Business Spanish courses

For SpanishZoom, it is very important that our students develop their necessary linguistic skills in order to succeed in a Hispanic business environment, as well as self-learning strategies needed so that in future experiences they are able to take advantage of all situations that their work place will offer them; without forgetting about sociocultural aspects of the Hispanic world. In this way, the professional will be able to generate an ideal environment in their expositions in this kind of surrounding.

Speaking the language of the country that we make business with is a great competitive advantage. Business Spanish as a differentiating feature.
In SpanishZoom we adapt to the different areas of labour specialization and also to all previous Spanish levels. We also offer this service to organizations so that they can train their employees themselves, thus generating a differentiating advantage in their sector.

Our Spanish classes can be taken online anywhere in the world or in Barcelona, also offering the possibility to learn Spanish at home or in your own company. As you can see, we easily adapt so that employees can learn Spanish comfortably and effectively.


Course Curriculum

  • Design Basics

  • What Makes a Good Design?

  • Designing with Simple Shapes

  • Design Effects

  • Finalizing the Design

  • Conclusion

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