We are a company specialized in the online teaching and learning of Spanish, as language and culture, and in global services in Spanish. Through our services, we connect native professionals of Spain and Latin America with world-wide users.

  • We provide a solution to an increasing need to learn Spanish globally, adapting ourselves to the new digital era.
  • We are backed up by more than fifteen years of experience in the field of Spanish language teaching and promotion.


  • Teaching Spanish online with native, qualified teachers, in a convenient, immediate and enjoyable manner, at competitive prices.
  • Advising and offering personalized global services in Spanish


  • Becoming the reference in the online teaching of Spanish and advising and consulting in Spanish language related services.


SpanishZoom was founded in 2016 by two professionals that provide extensive expertise in the sector, a successful entrepreneurial initiative, and a profile devoted to education, marketing and leadership in international projects management.

Estefanía Peral


Sonia Codinach